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Wire amp racks with speed and

precision with the new:

Wire Ruler!

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Add radius geometry to your builds quickly and easily! Endless possibilities, complete your collection with all four sets now!

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See our tools in action with this throwback video from Mark at CarAudioFabrication!

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Build like a pro! Use the Carbon Smart Template to create unique custom builds and the Eco Router Bit Tray for multiple fabrication tasks! 

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See our tools in action with

Mark at CarAudioFabrication!

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Add contours, angles, and build like a pro! Learn more here

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Take your next custom subwoofer box build to the next level with out purpose made fabrication tools! Our Smart Circle templates allow you to cut perfect subwoofer cutouts, make flawless rounded corners with our Smart Corners and fit JL Audio subwoofers with ease with our specialized templates and profile gauges!

See some of our tools in action with

Mark at CarAudioFabrication!

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State-of-the-art Circle Template Kit

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Downtime? Spring cleaning?
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MasterTech Audio Camp & MasterTech Fab Camp
March 5th-6th / March 7th-8th 2020

These back to back two day training's will help you elevate your installation AND fabrication skills! Join us for one training, or for both!

Accelerated Hot Rod Interior Fabrication
February 6th, 2020 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Class Location: Huntington Beach, CA
(30 mins from Knowledgefest Long Beach)

Learn from the masters of modern-style, upscale hot rod interior fabrication how to efficiently conceptualize, plan and execute enhancements that bring classic vehicles into the modern era. Add style and technology to these builds where clientele is willing to pay for expertise.

Bryan Schmitt,  Juan “JT” Torres, Tom Miller, Chris Pate, and Gary Bell will lead participants through an incredible series of fabrication techniques and tips to enhance any fabricator’s pallet of skills and ultimately diversify your clientele. This highly coveted class is offered in English and, separately, in Spanish.

MS - Hot Rod School Logo  - Camaro versi
Hot Rod Build School
November 16th - 19th, 2019