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New for Fall 2018 the Smart Ruler and Roller along with the Template Guide System tray allow you to quickly add accent geometry to the front of a custom work piece.

Create enhanced beauty panels for subwoofer enclosures, custom door panels, amplifier racks and more. The only limit is your imagination...

Smart Ruler, smart ruler xl & Template Guide System

Watch the full video demo, CLICK HERE!

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  • Use with a template guide system to create staggered parallel line geometry on a work piece to accent the design

  • Quickly sketch a grid system on a part with a pencil to allow for accurate layout work

  • The Smart Ruler XL allows for quickly adjusting the alignment rail to create angled geometry

  • Use the Template Guide System with a router to machine grooves into a work piece with various router bit profiles and various size router bushings. These bushings and bits can be used WITH OR WITHOUT the Smart Ruler & Smart Ruler XL. Simply stick a single template to a work piece and use the edge of the template as a guide to cut a groove. The included router bits are used for adding accent cuts or for material compensation (Example: vinyl to carpet transitions)

Smart Ruler Includes

  • Smart Ruler Guide System - 1/4" High Strength Plastic machined with alignment lines and parallel slots

  • 8 metal pins for alignment against the edge of a work piece, the smart ruler can be flipped for adding additional lines between the lines from the previous side.

Smart Ruler XL Includes

  • Smart Ruler Guide System - 1/4" High Strength Plastic machined with alignment lines, parallel slots and added wings for angled adjustment.

  • 2 knobs, 2 washers, and two bolts for securing the alignment rail

  • One straight alignment rail

Template Guide System Tray Includes:

  • 7 Router Bushings & 1 Lock Nut. These bushings fit industry standard 1-3/16" router mounting holes (ALL Porter Cable routers and MANY other brands, simply measure the plate on your router, nearly every router on the market uses this hole size)

  • 5 router bits with 1/4" shank

    • 1/2" Round Nose​

    • Flat Chamfer

    • 1/8" 2 Flute Straight

    • 3/16" Spiral Straight

    • 1/4" Spiral Straight

  • Tray for storage of all components​

Smart Roller


Ditch that screen roller for a purpose built tool. The CP-Smart Roller is designed in collaboration with industry veteran Christerfer Pate to perfect the application of upholstery materials into grooved geometry.

Tuck vinyl and upholstery materials like a pro! This device allows you to push material perfectly into both tight and wide slots machined with a router. Using this tool allows you to exert extra force when wrapping a part with upholstery materials. This is key to getting great adhesion between the upholstery material and the substrate. 

Designed in collaboration with:

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CAF Video

Learn how to use the new tools with our friends at CAF!

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