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Fan Discount!


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Welcome CarAudioFabrication Fans!

Carbon Template:

  • 5 Pieces

  • 15" by 36"

  • Includes alignment holes - used for precision magnet alignment or other mounting fasteners

  • Fully compatible with SFS Axis Shape Creator

  • Designed for simple press grill production

  • Etched with precision alignment lines and number identification

  • 3/16" Gap between pieces for precise gap control

  • Shatter resistant PVC

ECO Router Bit Tray:

  • Includes:

    • 1/2" Roundover - Edge profile pieces for a smooth rounded look, great for ports too!

    • 1/2" 45 Degree Chamfer - Edge profile for a sleek agreesive look, works great for making metal mesh mold plugs as well!

    • 1/2" Flush Trim - Copy templates and shapes with precision

    • 1/2" Rabbet - Cut notches for material gaps

    • Bearings - Used with the flush trim bit to expand a profile shape and oversize. Used with the rabbet bit to undersize and control gap sizes between pieces.

    • Organization tray labeled for easy bearing identification

  • All bits use a 1/4" Router Collet (This is great for use with entry level routers!)

​Want to learn how to use the Carbon Template and Eco Tray?

Check out this tutorial and overview video from our friend Mark over at CarAudioFabrication!

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