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Smart Ruler XL

Introducing the new Smart Ruler XL! This device allows you to quickly and easily add machined grooves with a router to custom door panels, subwoofer enclosures, amp racks and more! It can also be used to easily sketch a design grid allowing for accurate layout construction. THe XL features an angled alignment system that allow you to adjust the angle of the ruler groves in relationship to the edge of a workpiece. 



  • Smart Ruler Guide System - 1/4" High Strength Plastic machined with alignment lines, parallel slots and added wings for angled adjustment.

  • 2 knobs, 2 washers, and two bolts for securing the alignment rail

  • One straight alignment rail


Use in conjunction with the Template Guide System to machine perfect grooves into your build!


(Router, bushings, router bits, and wood shown for illustrative purposes. Additional SFS Arc shown to illustrate upgrade possibilities. Not included.)


How To Videos:

Smart Ruler XL


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