Designed to expand upon our SFS Axis Shape Creator System or to be used as a standalone tool the SFS Animal allows for advanced 3D router shaping. Flat is boring! Take your builds to the wild side with the Animal!


  • Use with a surfacing router bit or top bearing bit to perform 3d router shaping on a work piece

  • Make 3D panels by angling the fixture surface of the work piece

  • Cut speaker brackets to match the angle of a door speaker grill

  • Converge profile lines on 3D accent pieces

  • Create a swept surface cut with SFS arcs

  • Many more! Imagine the possibilities!


  • 17" x 11-1/2" Base Shield with alignment lines and central air pass through for improved dust collection. The base shield can also be used as a stand alone shield!

  • Grid Mounting Plates with multiple set up holes and slots for repeatable yet flexible results

  • Horizontal Locking System and Wrench

  • Hardware tray with low profile knobs and stainless steel hardware, keep your hardware organized!

  • 8 - 12" Straight Axis Rails  (4 Base Rails & 4 Adjustment Rails)

​Want to learn how to use the Animal?

Check out this tutorial and overview video from our friend Mark over at CarAudioFabrication!

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