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Wire Ruler

This simple, yet effective wire ruler allows you to create clean cabling runs on amp boards, under carpet, under the hood or any other location in the vehicle where visible wiring should be neat and tidy. Created by well-known installation technicians and YouTube gurus Dean Beyett and Fernando Lopez at Five Star Car Stereo, the ruler is how so many of their clean wiring projects get efficiently accomplished. This is a must for any professional technician or DIY enthusiast to elevate your wire management techniques to the next level.


Made from durable, laser-etched translucent plastic, the two-piece ruler features one 12-inch section with a 5.5-inch add on section for longer wire runs. Its purpose is to facilitate clean layout of wiring with evenly measured spacing of zip ties or other wire management clips. Along the ruler are pre-measured holes for marking zip tie location markings and then drilling precise holes. The laser-cut hole spacing and size of zip ties can be varied to accommodate larger gauge wiring or smaller bundles such as RCA audio cables, speaker wiring or data cables. Large holes on the ends make it easy to hang on a wall bracket next to other templates.


Consider a double-pack of wire rulers to make wire runs next to one another or longer much easier and even more efficient for marking and drilling!



  • Designed for uniformly spaced zip ties on wire runs
  • Made from durable, laser-etched translucent plastic
  • One set includes two pieces – one 12-inch and one 5.5-inch segment



  • Wire tie spacing intervals are laser-etched
  • .75-inch and 1.25-inch spacing (skip holes for 1.5-inch or 2.5-inch spacing)
  • Designed for 4” and 8” zip ties
  • Easy to see through for optimal layout
  • Increase serviceability of equipment and wiring
  • Enhance install with straight, clean wire runs
  • Fast and easy to use – saves install time
  • Ideal for professionals or DIY enthusiasts


Pricing Options:

  • $29.99 – Wire Ruler Set (two pieces – one long, one short, both pieces same color)
  • $44.99 - Wire Ruler Double Pack (four pieces – two long, two short, all pieces same color)


Please note pricing above, several rulers shown for comparison purposes in photos. Quantity of pieces received based on pricing above. The yellow color has been discontinued.

Wire Ruler


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