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What's it like to attend a MasterTech Training?
Check out these videos by Mark of

All Star Class


In this class we recruited some of the best in the business to come out and be guest teachers! We built 2 pairs of truly amazing one-of-a-kind home audio speakers.

22.09.08_Modern Fab_0012_SMALL.jpg

Modern Fab Class


How can you use modern day fabrication techniques? Learn in this class!


MasterTech Subwoofer Class


How can you build a world class subwoofer and make it sound incredible? We tackled this in our MasterTech Subwoofer Training Class!

23.04.15_Hot Rod Build School_SMALL_0043.jpg

Hot Rod Build School


Learn from the masters of modern-style, upscale hot rod interior fabrication how to efficiently conceptualize, plan and execute enhancements that bring classic vehicles into the modern era.

22.05.28_Modern Fab_0044_SMALL.jpg

Modern Fab Class


How can you use modern day fabrication techniques? Learn in this class!

23.06.10_MasterTech Boot Camp0064_SMALL.jpg

MasterTech Boot Camp


This class focuses exclusively on the structural, cosmetic and the OEM integration of today's modern luxury vehicles giving you the skill set to begin learning to be a MasterTech Fabricator. We demonstrate smart fabrication techniques and industry secrets that will enhance the way you integrate mobile electronics with vehicle panels and structural components.

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