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How to Make a Router Table -

Add a Router Lift!

A router table is one of the most powerful tools for custom fabrication.

Want to learn how to add a router lift to an existing counter top?

We teamed up with Mark from CarAudioFabrication to show you how!

Router Table w/ Lift Advantages:

  • Quickly adjust bit height

  • Quickly change router bits

  • Work with large parts and precisely control cutting action

  • With multiple router stations bit changes are minimized

  • Use advanced fabrication tools like the SFS Animal and more!

What you need:

  • Router Lift Template - Cut the profile for the lift

  • Router Lift Insert - Prevent leveling screws from digging into counter top and warping

  • Dado Clean Out Bit - For copying Router Lift Template Profile

  • Router Lift & Router

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