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You’ve decided that the Mobile Solutions Master Tech Boot Camp may be right for you - we’re delighted that you’re considering this investment in your future!  But, what’s it like to actually attend? We could tell you, but we’re a little biased.  What do our previous students have to say?

After attending Mobile Solutions I found myself questioning all things. Our approach and our desire for excellence.   With a clear vision moving forward I feel the confidence stored inside being realized. New visions, new techniques.    The course is hands on and very informative. I've personally never had any formal training in our industry. Not knowing about these courses I jumped right in. I will be attending the subwoofer enclosure course next.   I am a seasoned shop owner that has learned the basics over the years. This course has opened my mind to new things and has also renewed the values of a shop being set apart from others.  Let's face it. Our competition does not want us to better ourselves.   We have to look to others and only hope they tell you right. Mobile Solutions can show you the things others have every reason not to show you.  Don't be fooled by actors in your area. You want to be the best train with the best.   Seeing is believing. Fun interactive training with a commitment to being the best we can.   Don't wait. Your future will only suffer. Everyone could use this type of training.   I'm 40 and only wish I knew about Mobile Solutions sooner.   Invest in yourself,  I Can't wait to be back!

Rob Gonzales

Austin, Texas

This is the best training around for Installers looking to expand their current skills, find new installation processes, and learn the latest techniques.  If you are in the business and have not attended a training you are missing out.  

Chris Pate

College Station, Texas

The Mobile Solution Masterclasses are more than just a week long tutorial on how to make cool stuff. It is a chance to learn with some of the most dedicated & best fabricators in the industry, a chance to not only learn from one of the best in the industry (Bryan Schmitt) in a group environment, but also getting 1 on 1 time with Bryan and being able to ask him for advice.

The classes are always well structured and easy to follow. You get to learn the latest routing & fabrication techniques, along with some awesome time saving techniques.

My workshop is far more efficient & profitable now as a direct result from what I have learned from attending Mobile Solutions USA Masterclasses.

Rob Aquilina

Perth, Western Australia

The knowledge and skills you learn both in theory and hands on are priceless. Utilizing these courses as a shop owner or a fabricator sets you up for success. Best investment decision you'll make. 

Andrew Evens

Las Vegas, Nevada

The amount of knowledge that I took away from Mobile Solutions is almost priceless. Everyone there is welcoming and if you have any questions you can bet they have the right answer for you. I really look forward to attending more classes in the future.

Christopher Balko

Winona, Minnesota

Bryan not only taught me the newest techniques in fabrication but more importantly he opened my eyes on how to reshape the image of our company.  The terms "meat and potatoes" and "clean" are used on a daily basis now.  I look forward to coming back to other classes in the future.

Vinny Tullo

Earlysville, Virginia

I learned so many techniques on the router and table saw. After the training events all I wanted to do was try the new techniques along with all the new tools I had bought. Bryan taught me how to be more efficient and how to make more money all at the same time. All of it was my favorite but I greatly appreciated the great hospitality. 

Jaime Palafox

Agoura Hills, California

The trainings are very informative.  I learned new techniques to speed up my installation time.  The training help me to improve my shop outlook and set it apart from my competition.  This training opened up a new world for me.  It shows me how to look at every job in a different perspective.  

Kumar Sukhnandan

South Richmond Hill, New York

My Mobile Solutions Training is something I reflect on every day, from the amazing people I met (and still talk to), to all of the simple yet brilliant techniques that are taught on all types of installation and fab work. Each class has a different group, and everyone there brings input and experience, so you gain so much more than a few "tricks" to hide up your sleeve. Can't wait to go again. Thanks again Bryan! You have no idea how much you have done for the industry and the hard working guys in it!

Mike Oltman

LaCrosse, WI

Mobile Solutions training has helped me bring my shop to the next level. I definitely owe part of my success to Mobile Solutions. 

Carlos Ramirez

Linden , New Jersey

I thought I actually knew a lot in regards to OEM integration and correct tool usage and set-up procedures, but this course shows that I didn’t.  I thought this would be filler content, but nothing was further from the truth! The 3D router techniques are awesome!  I never would have guessed how simple this stuff really is to implement. Attending was one of the best things I could have done with my time!

J.D. DiMartino

Wallingford, Connecticut

The table saw techniques and router techniques you learn here are vital. These techniques are easily transferable to the install shop back home. I got a great deal from the Mobile Solutions Training course - from the basics to the importance of phasing.  This information is critical to achieve the utmost in performance and the course helps one to realize that. Overall, it’s worth it to come!  Even if you think you know everything, the course will quickly show you that you don’t.

Autumn Davis

Edmonton, Alberta

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