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MasterTech Audio Camp 201 - March 5th and 6th, 2020
MasterTech Fab Camp 201 -March 7th and 8th, 2020

These back to back two day training's will help you elevate your skill set!  Join us for one training, or for both!

MasterTech Audio Camp 201 is a comprehensive 2 day course focused on acoustics, electrical theory, and tuning. Learn the basics of sound and electricity along with advanced DSP tuning and integration. Understand the process for obtaining the audio signal in today's most complex vehicles.


MasterTech Fab Camp 201 is perfect for those wanting to learn advanced fabrication techniques! We demonstrate smart fabrication techniques and industry secrets that will enhance the way you integrate mobile electronics with vehicle panels and structural components.

Training Location:

Mobile Solutions Headquarters
2120 E. 6th Street, Suite 10
Tempe, AZ 85281

Class Time:

8:15 AM - 5:30 PM Each Day

Outside the US? Please call us to cover tuition.

The tuition for each training is 799.98. (Attending both training's will be a total of $1,599.96)

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MasterTech Audio Camp Course Description:

2 Days of Hands on Training - March 5th & 6th, 2020.

  • Vehicle Electrical System Overview

  • Audio and Electrical Terminologies

  • Octaves, Harmonics, Bandwidth and Filters

  • Overall Audio System Design Philosophies

  • Audio and Electrical System Test Tools

  • Audio Signal Types – Preamp/Speaker Level, Signal Grounding

  • Demonstrations on Useful Tests/Measurements

  • Start/Stop Vehicle Considerations

  • Electric Vehicle Considerations

  • Useful Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Overview of OEM Audio System Architecture

  • The three or four questions……

  • Evaluating bandwidth limited channels in OEM audio systems

  • Real-time measuring and understanding various OEM audio signals

  • Upmixers and All-pass Filters

  • Integration strategies -  Vehicle Specific Devices vs. Ala Carte Products

  • Level setting / Tone-amplitude adjustments

  • Using DSP-based signal processors for tuning

  • Learn the top 5 tips for excellent mid-bass in the front of the vehicle

  • Optimization speaker placement, using dash and A-pillar examples

  • Assigning labor rates to the electrical side of OEM audio integration work

MasterTech  Fab Camp Course Description:

2 Days of Hands on Training - March 7th & 8th, 2020.

  • Constructing Subwoofer Enclosures (Table Saw)

  • Perfect Circles and 3D Adapter Plates

  • Advanced Router Fabrication (Templates and Bits)

  • SFS Shape Creator (Adv. Template and Stack)

  • 3D Router (Stack Fab and Animal)

  • Metal Fabrication (Aluminum Accents/Bending, Brackets, Metal Hardware)

  • Using Plastics in Fabrication (Router work, Sintra, Acrylic, glues for plastic, etc.)

  • Urethane Foam

  • Fiberglass

  • Sanding and Surface Finishing (Sanding, Primer, whatever is not paint and upholstery)

  • Mounting and Assembly (Magnets, Kent Tape, Glue, Panel Fasteners, Etc.)

  • Lighting (Edge lighting acrylic, direct lighting, RGB color lights)

  • Painted and Non-Upholstered Finishes (Faux wood, 3M Vinyl, texture, etc.)

  • Automotive Upholstery Techniques


Important Notes(for both training's):

  • Arrival flights are recommended to be booked one day prior to the training event’s start date.

  • Return flights are recommended to be booked one day after the training event’s conclusion date. The last 3 hours of class on the final class day are the most important hours for class attendance.


What should I bring?

Not a thing! Just bring yourself and be ready to learn!

Are there any suggested prerequisites prior to taking this class?

A basic understanding of woodworking equipment is strongly recommended. 


Who should attend?

For MasterTech Audio Camp: Installation Managers, Installation Technicians, Shop Personnel serving in a related function. Anyone with the passion and interest in designing and installing aftermarket car audio systems and obtaining the best sound possible.

For MasterTech Fab Camp: Installation Managers, Hot Rod Builders, Installation Technicians, Cut and Sew Interior Technicians, Shop Personnel serving in a related function. Anyone with the passion and interest in building custom interiors!


What is included in the cost of tuition?

Lunch each day, as well as snacks are all provided at our training facility so there is no need to leave during the training session. This maximizes your time spent learning while providing an incredible value. Course tuition also includes a detailed training manual. Hotel accommodations are not included, but Mobile Solutions has negotiated a great rate for attendees at a nearby hotel, the hotel includes continental breakfast and a shuttle bus back and forth to the training facility each day.

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