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Beveled Diamond - Matrix Template Kit

Matrix Template Kit

Introducing the new Matrix Template Kit from Mobile Solutions! These clever templates allow you to add hex, stretched hex, and beveled diamond patterns to custom door panels, subwoofer enclosures, amp racks, inserts, cover panels and more! Also, be on the lookout for future design profiles in the future! The integrated design works with existing Mobile Solutions SFS system to allow for even more variety and design flexibility. Using this template set will elevate your design language to what’s only currently available in high-end OEM exotics and luxury vehicles.


How to Use

Using the Matrix Template Kit is as easy as 1-2-3. Think it of as routering on half of the workpiece, then flipping the template for completing the other half. The mirror image completes the full design.

  • Place the template in the included guide rails.
  • Router the grooved channels.
  • Flip the template 180° then router the second half to complete the pattern.


The Matrix Template design features a bipolar alignment system that allows you shift or flip the template to achieve different patterns, so you can be creative with more than meets the eye. It can also be used to sketch a design allowing for accurate layout construction before making any dust with the router, or doing any stitching work on the sewing machine! 



  • Guide Rail Tracks (1-1/2” x 23” x 1/4”) 1/4” increments
  • 5/8” pencil trace guides (w/ center opening)
  • Machined from 1/4” Shatter resistant plastic
  • Center in alignment lettering
  • Accommodates a 5/8” brass bushing with a machined channel
  • Rail tracks are compatible with the Mobile Solutions SFS System (not included)
  • Rail tracks have outer flip points  


Beveled Diamond - Matrix Template Kit Includes:

  •  Beveled Diamond Template 10” x 23”
  • (2) Guide Rails
  • (1) Pencil Trace Guides


Required Tools

Use in conjunction with the Template Guide System for precision machining and accuracy. For the required router bushing the Router Bushings Kit can also be purchased.


(Router, bushings, router bits, and wood shown for illustrative purposes. Additional SFS Arc shown to illustrate upgrade possibilities. Not included.)

Beveled Diamond - Matrix Template Kit


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