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10" Carpet Scissor ( H-Duty )

Best Carpet Scissor


Easily the industry's most industrial and best carpet scissor for sale.  10" Professional heavy duty carpet cutting shears made with high quality hardened steel.  Made with premium components in Italy, the shear's longevity and precision cutting are guaranteed.  Sharpened by hand, these carpet shears have no peer.   The ergonomic handle is fashioned in burnished steel which provides comfort and helps minimize strain and fatigue.  Furthermore, the serrated edge helps generate a firm grip on the carpet.  Ideal For:  Carpet scissor for custom rug workrooms, cutting auto mats, and cutting aircraft carpet.  It's also employed for cutting thick leather, cutting belts, etc. 

  • 10" carpet scissor
  • Nickel plated, Hardened steel with barnished handles
  • Straight blade, Heavy duty carpet shear
  • One standard edge + One serrated edge
  • Also cuts belts, thick leathers, etc.

10" Carpet Scissor ( H-Duty )

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