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10" Left-Handed Scissors

10" Left Handed Upholstery Shear


- High End Scissors For Leather, Vinyl, Upholstery

- Nickel plated, Hardened Steel

- Hand-sharpened shears


The all new 10 inch left handed shears are hand crafted and hand sharpened in Italy.  Made of nickel plated - hardened steel, these left handed shears are built to last. 


The special handle shape and the inversion of the blades is specifically designed for left-handers.  They provide comfort to left handers and provide a precise left-handed cut. Made with high quality hardened nickel-plated steel these shears will provide a long life of reliable fabric cutting.  The robustness of the blades and the special sharpening allows you to cut several layers of fabric at a time. 

10" Left-Handed Scissors

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