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Nutsert Drill Adapter Kit

Install nutserts (also called ‘rivet nuts’) much easier with this attachment to your existing cordless drill! This kit comes complete with the drill attachment as well as the mandrels and nose pieces to accommodate popular SAE and Metric-sized nutserts. Great for work in tighter spaces than traditional manual “plier-type” nutsert setting tools can often accommodate and four times the pulling force of other adapters. Easily attaches to most all cordless drills with a torque-limiting clutch.



  • CNC-Machined, one-piece aluminum construction anodized in red
  • Precision sealed Japanese bearings for long life
  • Eight Chromoly steel (Cr-Mo) mandrels and nosepieces in SAE and Metric sizes
    • 8-32, 10-32, 10-24 and 1/4-20 - SAE
    • M3, M4, M5 and M6 - Metric
  • Use with aluminum, zinc-plated steel, copper and stainless steel nutsert styles
  • Adds only about 7” to the end of the drill driver
  • Easy to install or remove – just like a drill bit or screw tip
  • Four times the pulling force to compress the nutsert (compared to other adapters)
  • Includes Step Bit designed for all rivet nuts 6-32 & M3 to 1/2-13 &M12
  • Includes wrench for changing mandrel and nosepiece sizes
  • Includes black molded plastic case for easy storage


Uses for Nutserts

  • Avoid drilling holes for self-tapping screws – use threaded hardware
  • Preserves the vehicle’s integrity with an OEM-like fastener approach
  • Great for low to moderate-current capacity ground points (<100a easily) when using zinc-plated steel nutserts
  • Hide threaded fasteners behind trim panel details on doors, rear decks, consoles or other places where a physical fastener is required
  • Ideal for mounting metal amp or signal processor racks with serviceability in mind
  • Safely mount subwoofer enclosures that can be removed if needed



  • Use 12V and up cordless drills for aluminum and steel nutserts (max torque 190in/lbs)
  • Use 14.4V and up for stainless nutserts up to 1/4 inch (max torque 250 in/lbs)
  • All drills must feature torque limiting clutch
  • 1/4 inch hex shank size – which attaches to the drill chuck
  • Recommended drill RPM <240
  • Weighs just 2.4lbs / 1.08kg


Cordless drill not included with this kit

Nutsert Drill Adapter Kit


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