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MS Vacuum Cyclone Deluxe

Fabricate with minimal airborne dust. Make disposal of particles much easier. Extend the life of your shop-vac. Stop wasting time wiping dust off of the shop’s work spaces. These time-saving features and so much more are all part of using the MS Vacuum Cyclone system. Best of all, it’s made in America!


Using a commercially available shop-vac as the suction unit, the MS Vacuum Cyclone system is a two-piece unit that filters over 99% of the dust that comes through the vacuum system, whether it’s wood, plastics or other particulates. This extends the life of the vacuum, but also makes disposal of the dust easier because it utilizes an easy-to-empty five gallon bucket. It’s a must-have resource of any fabrication area because it helps keep the area cleaner and more organized.


  • Translucent, static-resistant plastic construction
  • Molded  poly cyclone separator (sits on top)
  • Neutral Vane Technology with centrifugal forced suction (superior design)
  • Two five-gallon buckets for particle collection
  • Fitted lid for a tight seal and superior suction
  • Tapered 2-inch ports for easy connection to most shop-vac models
  • Hardware and elbow adapters included
  • Made in USA



  • 99 Percent of particulate matter is captured by the cyclone and collects in the bucket
  • Extends the life of the shop-vac and its filters
  • Works fantastic with MDF dust, plastic particles, fiberglass dust and other particulates
  • Wet or dry material – equally effective (such as wet-sanding, soda blasting, etc.)
  • Caster wheels on the collection bucket allows easy mobility around the shop
  • Anti-static design adds a safety element to avoid dust buildup
  • Easily connect to a router table, table saw or any tool with a vacuum hose inlet
  • Far more affordable than a large ‘built in’ vacuum system with custom piping, etc.


Shop-vac not included

MS Vacuum Cyclone Deluxe

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