ECO Tray - Great for DIY'ers!

ECO Tray - Great for DIY'ers and those looking to get into custom fabrication. This is one of our most robust router bit trays allowing for many different fabrication techniques to be used!


See the ECO Tray in action here with our friends at CarAudioFabrication!


  • Includes:
    • 1/2" Roundover - Edge profile pieces for a smooth rounded look, great for ports too!
    • 1/2" 45 Degree Chamfer - Edge profile for a sleek agreesive look, works great for making metal mesh mold plugs as well!
    • 1/2" Flush Trim - Copy templates and shapes with precision
    • 1/2" Rabbet - Cut notches for material gaps
    • Bearings - Used with the flush trim bit to expand a profile shape and oversize. Used with the rabbet bit to undersize and control gap sizes between pieces.
  • Organization tray labeled for easy bearing identification
  • All bits use a 1/4" Router Collet (This is great for use with entry level routers!)



  • Used to cut wood and plastics


How to Videos:

- Making a Subwoofer Box with the ECO TRAY - By CarAudioFabrication




ECO Tray - Great for DIY'ers!


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