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Mini Animal Router Shield

Designed to build upon our SFS Axis Shape Creator System or to be used as a standalone tool the Mini Animal allows for a variety of advanced router techniques. The Mini Animal is specifically designed for smaller machining and router applications. Use with a router table as a precision 3D Shield or with a small hand held router for detailed profiling.


  • Use with a surfacing router bit or top bearing bit to perform 3D router shaping on a workpiece
  • Make 3D panels by angling the fixture surface of the workpiece
  • Cut speaker or smaller brackets to match the angle of a door speaker grill
  • Converge profile lines on 3D accent pieces
  • Create a swept surface cut with SFS arcs (Sold separately)
  • Many more! Imagine the possibilities


The Mini Animal Kit Includes:

  • 13.25" x 8.25" Base Shield with alignment lines and central air pass through for improved dust collection.
  • Two Side Grid Mounting Plates with multiple set up holes and slots for repeatable yet flexible results
  • Horizontal Locking System
  • (Router NOT Included, Shown for Illustrative Purposes Only)


Router Compatibility:
Designed to be used with the Makita XTR01Z model cordless compact router, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Compact Palm Router, or the Dewalt 20V MAXR / Porter Cable 450. Also compatible with the Porter Cable 890/690 Bolt Pattern which matches most large format routers.


How to Videos:

- How to Use the Animal - By CarAudioFabrication (Note: The full size animal is shown, but the use is the same)


    Mini Animal Router Shield

    SKU: RA-Mini-Animal

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