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Subwoofer Profile Gauges!

Time-Saving Gauges Speed Up Subwoofer Enclosure Fabrication!

With the popularity of under-seat truck subwoofer enclosures and other small profile or down-facing subwoofer applications such as consoles and up under the dash, the necessity to check subwoofer fit and clearance easily is important.


Use these lightweight Mobile Solutions Subwoofer Profile Gauges designed specifically for popular JL Audio subwoofers to do trial fitting in the enclosure construction process. Doing so avoids removing the heavy subwoofer from its packaging, which exposes an open magnet structure to unnecessary microscopic sawdust and fiberglass dust, as well as exposing the cone, surround and dust cap areas of the JL Audio subwoofer to oils and solvents on the hands of the fabricator. 


Each of the five (5) Mobile Solutions Subwoofer Profile Gauges is silkscreened with the exact dimensional CAD profile of a specific JL Audio subwoofer, including its specifications of power handling, multiple diameter measurements and mounting depth. 


  • Made from light and durable 1/4” Expanded PVC Plastic

  • Silkscreened with subwoofer CAD drawing, dimension and power handling specs

  • Eliminates need to remove subwoofer from packaging during fabrication

  • Reduces technician fatigue from lifting/moving subwoofers during fabrication process

  • Use as a sales tool in visualization of a customer’s potential subwoofer location(s)

  • Fabricate custom enclosures accurately even if the product is not yet in stock

  • Made in USA


  • Verify fitment in under-seat and rear cab wall truck subwoofer enclosures

  • Verify fitment and clearance in down-firing subwoofer enclosures

  • Verify fitment in subwoofer enclosures with tight spaces (dash, console, overhead, etc.)

  • Verify fitment of subwoofer in proximity to internal ports or bracing

  • Visualization of subwoofer fit and placement in sales and system design process

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