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Smart Corners BULK PACK! - 100 Piece Wooden Set

Smart Corners 100 Piece Wooden Set - Buy in bulk and save! Stock up on these so you are ready to build an enclosure for any vehicle that enters the bay.


Want to add smooth rounded corners to an underseat subwoofer enclosure, center console, or another aspect of a build and SAVE TIME? Use these wooden consumable pieces to quickly create a stacked corner profile. The notches at each corner allow you to mate a 3/4" thick piece of material to the stack thus making efficient use of materials and allowing for a very strong corner that is also visually appealing.


The Smart Corners feature an inset corner radius where the vertical board mates with the stack. This eliminates the need to round over the edge of the vertical board and allows clearance for the corner.


Alignment holes allow the included dowels to precisely align each mating part while gluing the assembly. 


3", 4", 5", 6" 7", and 8" Outer Radius available


  • Includes:
    • 100 pieces of the size you select. Each piece is 3/4" thick
    • Wooden dowels for joining the pieces (we also recommend wood glue)


*Other pictures used for illustrative purposes. No other materials are included other than what is listed above.


How to Videos:

Smart Corners BULK PACK! - 100 Piece Wooden Set


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