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Router Lift Assembly Kit

Build like a pro with the full router lift assembly kit! This combo kit allows you to fully implement a woodworking router in a table mount assembly. Raise, lower, and change router bits with ease, and keep your work enviroment clean with integrated dust collection!


Includes three parts - 


MS Router Lift - Allows you to make quick router bit changes from above the table and was specifically designed for today’s most popular 1-3/4 to 2-1/4 HP fixed-base router motors. The top plate is CNC machined from 3/4” phenolic for a perfectly flat and durable surface.


Router Lift Insert - By adding this insert between the wood and the router lift leveling screws your wood will never degrade and your custom router table will last for years!


Dust Bucket - What tool seems to always create the most dust in our workshop? The routers in our router tables! The "Dust Bucket" is designed to mount under a table mounted router and collect dust away from the router area.


Router table wood materials and power switch not included. 

Router Lift Assembly Kit


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