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JL Audio TW3/TW5 Templates (Set of all 3 sizes)

JL Audio's line of shallow mount subwoofers allow for substantial bass in a small space, but they feature a unique mounting pattern that can be difficult to replicate. With our JL Audio approved line of Smart Templates making a mounting hole and flush mount hole is now simple!



  • Made from durable shatter resistant plastic
  • Designed to hang on slat or grid wall
  • Pre-aligned mounting holes
  • Engraved center lines & vertical index marks
  • 1/8” Alignment holes for top and bottom layers
  • 3 sizes 10TW3, 12TW3 & 13TW5 


Set Includes:

  • 3 Sets of 5 Templates each for the three Subwoofer Models (15 total pieces)


No subwoofer or build materials are included. Shown for illustrative purposes only.

JL Audio TW3/TW5 Templates (Set of all 3 sizes)


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