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DustMight - Dust Collection Table

Dust is our least favorite thing that we all have to deal with. Dust makes our work environment dangerous, and it's time consuming to clean! We have a Solution! The DustMight!


  • 17.50" x 23.50" large platform size for projects of all sizes
  • Low-friction grooves on the top of the DustMight allow for easier movement of a work piece
  • Internal plenum design to collect air from all dust extraction holes
  • Central air extraction insures even air collection
  • Simple to install design with retention ring - Remove your existing router and lift, drop in the DustMight and start sanding
  • Space savings - You no longer need a independent sanding table, simply store the DustMight within a cabinet or drawer when not in use.
  • Made of wood for cost effective functionality (Please note the plastic version is discontinued)

See the DustMight in action with our friends over at CarAudioFabrication: Watch the video! (Please note the plastic version is discontinued, the wood version is the only version we make now).

    DustMight - Dust Collection Table


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