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CAF Material Gap Gauge Set - with Tray and Bit!

One of the most overlooked steps in the fabrication process of custom panels is accounting for the gaps between the panels to allow clearance for upholstery materials. If you don't plan for the correct gap size between panels your panels will either have a loose and sloppy fit, or be far too tight which can lead to panels that cannot be disassembled for serviceability or lead to the upholstery materials bunching up and looking bad. 


To solve this issue Mark from CarAudioFabrication designed the CAF material gap gauges. These gauges allow you to quickly and easily determine the EXACT size of gap that is needed for a combination of upholstery materials during the fabrication process of your custom panels. Together with Mark we have helped to produce an organizational tray that stores the gauges in an easy to retrieve position, and includes the rabbet router bit needed to quickly produce the correct gap size on your panels.


To learn more about how these gauges are used watch Mark's full video HERE. 



  • 3 Material Gap Gauges with 9 different gap measurement sizes, made from thick and robust plastic material, used to measure combinations of materials and get an accurate feel for the perfect gap size. Labeled to easily identify and reference the correct gap size. The number on each slot corresponds with the correct number of cutting passes to make with the included rabbeting bit to size your panel correctly. 
  • 2 Gap Checking Gauges. Labeled to verify a gap is the correct size after producing a custom part.
  • 1 Smart Rabbet Bit - 1/2" Shank - 1/32" Rabbet Size
  • 1 Organizational tray to hold all of the above items. This tray fits within the standard MS tray holders sold separately. (Slat wall version - Grid wall version)



  • Quickly determine the exact gap size to recreate for upholstery materials between panels throughout a custom build. 
  • Compatible with vinyls, leathers, suedes, tweeds, carpets and all upholstery materials under 1/4" in thickness. 


CAF Material Gap Gauge Set - with Tray and Bit!


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