October 16-18 & 18-20, 2017 in Tempe, Arizona

This is a comprehensive 2 1/2 day advanced electrical integration and fabrication training that suits well-seasoned veterans as well as those with recent experience lacking more fundamental skills. Participants should have at least 1 year of hands-on experience, preferably 3 or more years.

MESATech Training Tuition

MESATech Training Tuition

Agenda Overview:

Master Tech Training Topics and Details:

​This is a comprehensive 2 1/2 day advanced electrical integration and fabrication training that suits well-seasoned veterans as well as those with recent experience lacking more fundamental skills. Participants should have at least 1 year of hands-on experience, preferably 3 or more years.

In the introductory session, participants will learn about what is trending in the 12 volt aftermarket space so that they gain an awareness of why certain categories provide a lucrative opportunity for the retailer. Leveraging their installation skills, these attendees should become more valued to the retailer wishing to capture the available revenue in these growing segments.

Participants will learn comprehensive electrical and audio signal integration solutions using advanced tools such as an RTA, DMM, oscilloscope, polarity tester and sever other worthwhile measurement and diagnostic tools. These topics are addressed so that participants can apply this strategy to any vehicle, whether an OEM or aftermarket audio system is in place. It’s a hands-on exercise, so MESA retailers can be confident their attendees learn how to utilize the tools and techniques delivered
throughout the training.

Fabrication Training:

  • Participants will learn how to bond to OEM and dissimilar plastics with specific adhesives and techniques, particularly for dash panel modifications. This is an important skill to integrate aftermarket head units in vehicles with no commercially available dash kit, or to integrate tablets into dashboards with an effective and timely outcome.

  • Participants will learn several finishing primer and texturing techniques. These are demonstrated so that the finishes provide a factory-like appearance on dashboard or other interior panel surfaces.

  • Participants will learn and review safe and efficient use of power tools in their wood shop, such as routers and table saw. This is important for enhanced safety as well as tooling longevity. With these techniques, MESA retailers should see an increase in productivity and a longer amortization of tooling expenses over the life of the tool investment.

  • Most importantly, participants will learn how to be profitable and efficient with this exciting and growing category of integration. Mobile Solutions ties all of the techniques and tooling back together with a message of efficiency, professionalism and profitability.

Who should attend?

  • Installation Managers

  • High Volume Sales Associates

  • Senior Installation Professionals

  • Installation Technicians of all skill levels

  • Shop personnel serving an installation related function

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Important Notes:

  • Arrival flights are recommended to be booked one day prior to the training event’s start date.

  • Return flights are recommended to be booked one day after the training event’s conclusion date. The last 3 hours of class on the final class day are the most important hours for class attendance.



What should I bring?

Not a thing! Just bring yourself and be ready to learn!

Are there any suggested prerequisites prior to taking this class?

We suggest attending this class if you have previously attended MasterTech Boot Camp or have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a customization related field.


Who should attend?

Installation Managers, Hot Rod Builders, Installation Technicians, Cut and Sew Interior Technicians, Shop Personnel serving in a related function. Anyone with the passion and interest in building custom interiors!


What is included in the cost of tuition?

Lunch each day, as well as snacks are all provided at our training facility so there is no need to leave during the training session. This maximizes your time spent learning while providing an incredible value. Course tuition also includes a detailed training manual. Hotel accommodations are not included, but Mobile Solutions has negotiated a great rate for attendees at a nearby hotel, the hotel includes continental breakfast and a shuttle bus back and forth to the training facility each day.

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