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Want to add smooth rounded corners to an underseat subwoofer enclosure, center console, or another aspect of a build? Use these the "Smart Corners" to quickly create a stacked corner profile.


The notches at each corner allow you to mate a 3/4" thick piece of material to the stack thus making efficient use of materials and allowing for a very strong corner that is also visually appealing.

The Smart Corners feature an inset corner radius where the vertical board mates with the stack. This eliminates the need to round over the edge of the vertical board and allows clearance for the corner.

Cut circles like a pro with the Smart Template Circle Combination kit! 

  • 10 Pieces

  • 3-1/4" OD Circle

  • 5-1/4" OD Circle

  • 7-1/4" OD Circle

  • 9-1/4" OD Circle

  • 11-1/4" OD Circle

  • 13-1/4" OD Circle

  • 15-1/4" OD Circle

  • 17-1/4" OD Circle

  • 19-1/4" OD Circle

  • 21-1/2" OD Circle

  • Etched with precision alignment lines and number identification

  • 3/16" Gap between pieces for precise gap control

  • Shatter resistant PVC

Learn how to use Smart Corners!
Check out this video from our friend Mark over at CarAudioFabrication:
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