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X-ROUTE Extreme 5-in-1 Router Plate w/ Free Bushing Kit

Includes FREE 10 PC Brass Router Guide Bushing Set (Includes 5/16” OD. – 1” OD).


The new Mobile Solutions X-ROUTE Extreme 5-in-1 Router Plate is a patent-pending, multi-function tool that speeds up many router-related steps in fabrication and adds a strong safety element to the work. It is compatible with all of the most popular corded and battery-powered routers. It’s manufactured from precision 3/8” laser-cut clear acrylic to enhance the visibility and stability of the work you’re doing. Any fabricator looking for a safer, time-saving addition to their router work will appreciate the innovation this X-ROUTE Router Plate brings to the table!


Why use the X-ROUTE Router Plate?

Compact, or "trim" routers, have become very important in today's fabrication shops because they're light, powerful, ergonomic, and feature-packed. As useful as these smaller routers are, the included base plates are not very diverse, safe, or time-saving. Often top-heavy and with a tiny footprint, compact routers lack the stability of their larger siblings and can be challenging to control. Taking a cue from other Mobile Solutions router baseplates, the X-ROUTE Router Plate does more with less, it is designed to fit almost every compact router on the market. This multi-function router baseplate can accurately router endless handheld cuts along with complex routing in an inverted router table application. The X-ROUTE is the one baseplate that does it all!


Use your hands or use it in a router table!


5 Uses:

  • Use without a router attached as a router shield
  • Follow a router template edge and control offsets with both X-ROUTE Guide Plates attached
  • Follow a part edge and control offset with one X-ROUTE Guide Plate attached
  • Use in a router table application
  • Use as a free floating router guide



  • CNC Laser Cut for high precision
  • Laser engraved scales in 1/4" resolution for fast and accurate bit setup
  • Graduated notches allow precision guide placement and spacing increments
  • Universal Mounting Plate – fits most major medium to small router brands, both corded and battery-powered
  • EZ-grip plastic handles for precise maneuvering
  • SFS-style plastic hand screws to quickly set and adjust spacing offsets and angles
  • Contains both left and right side guides for easier workflow without changing settings
  • Easy adaptation to MS SFS guides for a broader range of edge and detail shapes
  • Fits a standard router lift opening if used in a table-mounted application
  • Four fine-pitch leveling screws for a perfect fit in a standard router lift table opening
  • Finger holes for easy removal from table mounted position
  • Dimensions are 9-1/4” x 11-3/4” x 3/8” thick acrylic
  • Patent Pending


Router Compatibilty:

Designed to be used with the Makita XTR01Z model cordless compact router, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Compact Palm Router, or the Dewalt 20V MAXR / Ported Cable 450. Also compatible with the Porter Cable 890/690 Bolt Pattern which matches most large format routers.



  • X-ROUTE Clear Base Plate
  • Qty 2 X-ROUTE Guide Plates
  • Qty 4 SFS Knobs and Hardware
  • Qty 2 Handles and Hardware
  • Qty 4 Pitch Leveling Screws and Inserts

Router, templates, and materials shown for illustrative purposes and not included. 


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X-ROUTE Extreme 5-in-1 Router Plate w/ Free Bushing Kit

SKU: RWB Deal 2

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