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Master Mini Router Bit Set

The Master Mini Router Bit includes (12) specialty bits for detailed smaller parts. The small bearings allow machining for tight inside radiuses and profiles. These bits work excellent for dash fabrication, switch panels, radar displays, door panel grilles, insert panels and many other applications.


Set includes:

  • Flat V-Grove Bit
  • Mini 1/4” Radius Bullnose Bit
  • Mini 1/4” Radius Roundover Bit
  • Mini 3/16” Radius Roundover Bit
  • Mini 45° Chamfer Bit
  • Mini 22.5° Chamfer Bit
  • Mini 7° Chamfer Bit
  • Mini 1/16” Rabbet Bit
  • Mini 3/18” Rabbet Bit
  • Mini Flush Trim 3/16”(D) x 3/4”(H)
  • Mini Top Bearing Flush Trim ¼” (D) ¼” (L)
  • Mini Top Bearing Flush Trim ¼” (D) ¾” (L)


* Does not include mounting tray

* Replacement bearings available upon request (please call)

Master Mini Router Bit Set


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