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Using the Magnet Fitment System - Use Magnets like a Pro!

Get the Magnet Fitment System featuring the CUSTOM MACHINED Magnet Match Countersink bits here:

Using small, round neodymium magnets for custom fabricated interior and audio-related panel mounting is a fairly recent trend. The advantages are ease of panel removal for serviceability or access, but also that it’s virtually infinite in the amount of times the panel can be removed and reinstalled without wear and tear on the fastener as in traditional plastic panel retainers and “Christmas tree” clips. Neodymium magnets provide an ideal hidden fastening system. It’s classy and innovative.

The problem when using these magnets for panel attachments is common size drill bits are not precision-sized for a secure press fit and leave an angled bottom of the drilled hole. This means the mounting hole (also called the “pocket hole”) ends up larger than round magnet’s outer diameter and without a flat countersink at the bottom of the hole. Ultimately when using common drill bits, the magnet lacks a tight mechanical fit once placed into the countersunk hole. A super-tight fit is critical because of the force of attraction between these magnets. For example, a common 3/8” bit will drill slightly larger than the diameter of the magnet and with a bottom surface that matches the drill bit cutting angle (not flat). The added effort for adhesion is absolutely required to secure the magnet without pulling out of the countersink hole. In addition, because magnets require a specific polarity orientation to attract to one another (rather than oppose), positioning the magnets with a backward polarity orientation is a common mistake. The Mobile Solutions Magnet Fitment System solves all these problems with a solution-driven approach.

The custom CNC-machined Magnet Match™ countersink bits in the Mobile Solutions Magnet Fitment System are precisely sized in diameter to provide the maximum mechanical fitment of Mobile Solutions neodymium magnets along with a flat finish at the bottom of the countersink hole. Next, the prefect-sized acrylic Smart Mag Alignment Plates™ used with a rubber mallet ensure the magnets are inserted into the countersink hole with the utmost accuracy and precision. Markings for North and South polarity on the Smart Mag Alignment Plates™ ensure magnets don’t get placed in a backward (opposing) polarity orientation. Using this approach, added adhesion with glue, silicone or other compounds, although recommended, is not always necessary.

Added adhesion (such as CA glue) really depends on the material of choice.

Softer plastics and MDF may benefit from the addition of glue to resist the magnet pull strength, whereas hard plastics or aluminum will not require any extra adhesion because of the tight mechanical fit the Magnet Fitment System provides. It’s as simple as drilling a pilot hole through both surfaces (fixed surface and removable panel), countersinking the magnet pocket hole, mounting the magnet with correct polarity orientation and you’re done. We recommend using a North magnet polarity orientation for the fixed panel and a South orientation for the removable panel to remain consistent in your builds. We also recommend using a drill press over a handheld drill.

The Magnet Fitment System also features the iconic Mobile Solutions-style organizational tray. Keep the components of the kit organized and easily identify which tools are needed during your working process. It fits easily into our slat wall tray holder or grid wall tray holder, just like our well-known router bit tray systems.

With the Mobile Solutions Magnet Fitment System and neodymium magnets (available in four sizes), you can be sure that your first time drilling and countersinking the magnet pocket hole is the only time you’ll need to do it. No do-overs required!

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