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Accelerated Hot Rod Interior Fabrication
February 6th, 2020 1:00pm - 7:00pm
Class Location: Huntington Beach, CA
(30 mins from Knowledgefest Long Beach)

Learn from the masters of modern-style, upscale hot rod interior fabrication how to efficiently conceptualize, plan and execute enhancements that bring classic vehicles into the modern era. Add style and technology to these builds where clientele is willing to pay for expertise.

Bryan Schmitt,  Juan “JT” Torres, Tom Miller, Chris Pate, and Gary Bell will lead participants through an incredible series of fabrication techniques and tips to enhance any fabricator’s pallet of skills and ultimately diversify your clientele. This highly coveted class is offered in English and, separately, in Spanish.

Design Inspiration

Learn some of the tools and techniques to help conceptualize and visualize an interior design. Instructors will teach you to understand how multiple layers on panels, specific material combinations and hardware utilization can all influence strategic interior panel design and construction. Stop the design-as-you-go mentality and secure an agreed upon design concept so you can accurately quote, plan and charge for the hot rod interior work the client commissions. 


Advanced Router Techniques

Duplication of shapes through router work is the cornerstone of modern interior design that the old-school “cut and sew” guys seldom know how to do. Along with router techniques, Bryan and JT teach you many new and important types of router bits, time-saving router accessories, different router types, as well as tips on building your own router table. Learn the benefits of the router shield for safety and how to use additional accessories for safe and symmetrical 3D-style panel construction. Use these techniques to create a modern look in classic restored, resto-mod and pro-touring hot rods. Stop reinventing the wheel each time custom work interior work is in your shop!


Upholstery Techniques

Learn specific covering and seaming techniques to reduce your upholstery time significantly. Bryan and JT cover in-depth vinyl & suede inlay techniques, vinyl embossing and technical vinyl wrapping. Every technician will see firsthand finishing techniques to elevate their interior fabrication and finishing skills. Many demonstrations are presented to give key insight for successful trim panel construction that make upholstery easier to complete including surface preparation for leather or vinyl and different glue types. Also included is a comprehensive overview of many OEM-grade leather, vinyl and fabric selections as well as time-saving upholstery tools. 

Training Location:

Automotive Entertainment

Huntington Beach

7442 Talbert Ave

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

(Class size is limited, don't miss out)

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Outside the US? Please call us to cover tuition.

What you will learn:

  • How to conceptualize a design and convert to something you can build

  • Detailed router work examples for greater precision and efficiency

  • Using aluminum in multiple ways for serviceable panel construction and cosmetic interest

  • How to seam different materials together (vinyl, suede & carpet)

  • New vinyl embossing techniques to personalize hot rod interior design

  • New diamond pattern panel technique to emulate upscale vehicle interiors

  • Technical vinyl wrapping examples with time-saving tools and preparation

  • Where to find premium OEM-grade leather, vinyl, fabric, glue and supplies

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